Before You Start a Blog

If you are considering a blog, you should first learn this art-form by observing the best ones out there.  Blogging may or may  not be for  you.


Study the Leaders

You can get many good ideas by studying what’s already out there. Focus on successful bloggers in your own niche or industry and ask yourself what they are doing well and where improvements could be made project team management. You can identify the leaders in a number of ways. Those who dominate the search engines for popular keywords are obviously getting a good deal of traffic. You can also install the Alexa Tool Bar to find out how sites rank in terms of traffic. There are SEO tools that allow you to look up the Google Page Rank of a website. Some SEO experts, however, believe that page rank is a declining factor when it comes to indicating real authority.

Of course, you don’t simply want to copy what others are doing. You can, however, learn from them. If you see that the highest traffic authority blogs use certain types of themes or layouts, for example, you might want to borrow some of these tactics. Similarly, you can see what strategies they use to build mailing lists, sell products or encourage interaction with visitors.

Finally, it’s a important to keep up with the latest trends pertaining to the internet, websites and technology. If a new social media platform suddenly becomes huge, for example, you will want to know about it so you can begin utilizing it. Keeping up with the latest plugins can ensure that your blog has the most useful features. Being a successful blogger takes quite a bit of work and dedication, but the rewards for those who are determined make it all worth the effort.

Grasp the Basics

As with anything else, you will need a certain amount of dedication and perseverance if you want to succeed. The web contains millions of websites, so it’s important to stand apart in some way. Like learning how to golf, there a basics that need to be mastered, and remastered. For example:

  • Choose a Popular Niche -While you can choose any subject you want, if your goal is to attract a large number of visitors you should select a topic that’s in high demand. Selecting the main theme of your website is the first step, as this will determine what form it takes in the future.
  • Post Regularly -This is one of the most important principles. New posts should be added consistently, preferably every day or two.
  • Create Quality Content -If you want to attract visitors and also do well with Google and other search engines, you must publish original and helpful material. It should also be relevant to your main topic.
  • Use Images and Videos -The internet is becoming increasingly visual. Videos, images, memes and infographics can be more compelling than text. Using this form of content can help make your website more popular.
  • Connect With Social Media -Whenever you publish something new, you should alert your friends, fans and followers on social media. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social sites work very well with blogs and they can help make your posts more popular.

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If still interested, and ready to move forward, check out our upcoming posts. We would like to help.  Good luck and remember to have  some fun!